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The School has two state-of-the-art Libraries with extensive number of relevant books on varied topics.


The Management and staff members of our Institution are proud to convey the excellent results…

About Us

St. Vincent Pallotti School, Kamptee is a co-educational English Medium School established and managed by “Pallottine Sisters”, an International Catholic Religious Congregation which has its credit a number of prestigious educational institutions in different parts of India. The school was founded in the year 2012. The management hopes and strives to make this institution a unique cradle of education par excellence in a most conducive atmosphere with the best of facilities…. Read More

Our Motto

A child is like a seed when comes into the hands of the gardener, the teacher. The teacher nourishes and nurtures the seedling into a plant with her tenderly love and care. Suitable environment and facilities are provided to help the child grow into a well developed tree to give shade to all. Our school with the motto “AWAKE ASPIRE ACHIEVE” , felicitates the child to brake open and awaken out of its shell of fear, shyness and hesitation, and encourage him/her to grow in a healthy stress-free environment. The child is empowered with the live skills, knowledge, social and moral values, to enable the child to develop and aspire to achieve its dreams and goals while marching confidently into the world to make it a place of better living.

Our Patron

The school is named after St. Vincent Pallotti, (1795-1850) “The Patron”, a Roman Catholic Priest, who through his profound spiritual life and his service to the humanity, had a considerable influence on the history of the world of 19th century. He lived in a time in which the foundations of the modern world and of a new socio-political order were laid. The turbulence of Napoleonic period, French revolution, publication of the “Communist Manifesto”, the liberal tendencies, and the development of mass printing were some of the events which characterized the times of Pallotti. In the face of such problems, Pallotti directed his attention towards reviving faith in God and re-enkindling charity among all people in order to bring peace and harmony in the world.

Our History

St. Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850) was born to Petro Paolo Pallotti and Maria Maddalena de Rosa in Rome on April 21, 1795.

At the core of Pallotti’s spirituality was his humility, and his joy sprung from his overwhelming awareness of God’s infinite love and mercy. This love urged him to respond to the material and spiritual needs of those in need: young and old, sick and poor.

Pallotti knew that without the cooperation of others, he would not be able to help those in need. God saw Pallotti’s deep desire to help others and inspired him to found the Union of the Catholic Apostolate, an organization that extended equal membership to the laity, the religious and the clergy, and accorded equal merit to every work undertaken by them.